Diego Rivera Mural, San Francisco

Potentially the most important art work ever created in the United States, this colossal mural by Diego Rivera is tucked away in San Francisco's City College.  Standing two stories tall, the mural is comprised of 10 panels and depicts the history of the America's, from pre-European settlement, to the industrial revolution and America's involvement in World War II.  In the words of Diego Rivera:

My mural which I am painting now—it is about the marriage of the artistic expression of the North and of the South on this continent, that is all. I believe in order to make an American art, a real American art, this will be necessary, this blending of the art of the Indian, the Mexican, the Eskimo, with the kind of urge which makes the machine, the invention in the material side of life, which is also an artistic urge, the same urge primarily but in a different form of expression."

For more information about the mural, visit the mural's website and if you can, drop by to see it sometime.  


Mexican Museum, San Francisco

The Mexican Museum, San Francisco is a small museum located in Fort Mason, but is in the process of moving to the Yerba Buena Center near San Francisco's Financial District.  The Bond Latin Gallery is collaborating on a show with the Mexican Museum titled Mexican Masters: Works on Paper.  

For more information on the museum, click the button below to visit their website.