Diego Rivera 

In 2016 we acquired this beautiful goache, watercolor and ink painting by Diego Rivera titled, Cantina. Although the piece was overall maintained well and the colors remained extremely fresh as if it had been painted yesterday, it was painted on a very delicate rice paper, which suffered some minor tape damage on the back. Upon receiving the painting we took it to renowned art restorer, Marco Grassi who brilliantly restored the piece and left no sign of the prior damage.

We then took the painting to City Picture Framing in San Francisco who framed the piece archivaly with a handmade-frame, made in Seattle, WA.

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Title: Cantina
Medium: Gouache, Watercolor, & Ink on Rice Paper
Date: Circa 1937
Size: 18.75" x 22" (48cm x 56cm)
Condition: Excellent

Additional Information: This piece was at one point in the collection of Belle Van Tuyl Birney in Fort Worth, Texas. In 1955 it was acquired by a private collector from a descendent of the Van Tuyl Birney family.

The piece came to us in 2016 from a private collector and was exhibited in 2018 at the Mexican Museum in San Francisco, for a show titled, Mexico in San Francisco: Works on Paper from Diego Rivera to Alejandro Santiago, featuring artists such as Leonora Carrington, Jose Clemente Orozco, Rufino Tamayo, and of course Diego Rivera.

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