For thirty years, Bond Latin Gallery has specialized in classic and contemporary Latin American art. The mission of the gallery is to showcase Latin American art internationally by representing both contemporary artists and Latin masters. The gallery accomplishes this by showcasing Latin American art in our gallery in San Francisco, California, and by collaborating with online publications, documentary film makers, and museums such as...

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New Works Available

3 Graphic Works by Diego Rivera

Diego Rivera only created 10 graphic works in his life; of those, 6 really great ones. We currently have available 3 of the 6, all of which are lithographs.

The first is titled Boy with Taco, depicting a small dog, longingly watching a boy eat a taco.

The second lithograph is titled Sleeping Children. A more dramatic piece, Sleeping Children depicts several sleeping children, brilliantly capturing the traumatic effect the Mexican Revolution had on children.

Regarded one of the most iconic artistic images of the 21st century, the third piece is unquestionably the most important graphic work Diego Rivera ever created, Emiliano Zapata with a White Horse.

For more information on this piece, visit the website of the Metropolitan Museum of Art (see button below).

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