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Gunther Gerzso (1915 - 2000) was born in Mexico City just before the Mexican Revolution. His parents were both immigrants, his father Hungarian and his mother German.

At one point in his childhood, Gunther Gerzso’s mother, Dore Wendland sent him to live in Switzerland with his uncle, Dr. Hans Wendland who was at the time a prominant figure in the art world. Gerzso spent these years living with his uncle’s art collection, mostly comprised of European art, including works by Pierre Bondard and Rembrandt. During this time Gerzso met artist Paul Klee and Nando Tamberlani, a well known set designer who introduced Gunther to the world of theatre, in particular, set design.

Upon returning to Mexico years later, Gunther Gerzso worked in theatre, helping with set design and and writing scripts for plays before receiving a scholarship to attend classes at the Cleveland Playhouse in Cleveland, Ohio (USA). Within a short period of time Gerzso was able to make a name for himself as a set designer, collaborating with well known directors and winning a numerous awards for his craft.

In the 1930’s Gerzso began painting as a hobby, that eventually caused him to quite working in theatre and focus all of his time as an artist: painting, printmaking and sculpting. He moved back to Mexico City in 1941 and became associated with the surrealist movement of the time in Mexico, working and befriending artists such as Leonora Carrington and Remedios Varo.

Gerzso was awarded the Guggenheim fellowship in 1973 and is considered to this day to be one of the greatest Latin American painters of the 21st century.


Available Works


Mujer de la Jungla

Title: Mujer de la Jungla
Medium: lithograph
Date: 1988
Size: 29" x 22.5" (74cm x 57cm)
Condition: Excellent


Additional information: This lithograph, Mujer de la Jungla is numbered 50 out of 100 and was printed in the studio of Ernest de Soto in San Francisco, California. Robert Mc Donald (co-founder of Bond Latin Gallery) was in studio while this series was being printed, and it was at this time that he first met the artist.

The piece is currently unframed.



Title: Meridional
Medium: Mixograph
Date: 1995
Size: 18" x 41" (46cm x 104cm)
Condition: Excellent



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