Nahum Zenil


Artist Biography


Nahum Zenil is a Mexican artist born in 1947. His work has been showcased internationally and is part of a number of museum collections including the Metropolitan Museum of Art.

Although often compared to Frida Kahlo, because of his frequent use of himself as the central subject matter in much of his imagery, Zenil was unaware of Kahlo until late in his career.

Zenil is politically active and known for advocating gay rights in much of his artwork.

For more information on the artist, we recommend the book Nahum Zenil: Witness to the Self.

Available Works

Con Todo Respeto

Title: Con Todo Respeto
Medium: Silkscreen Print
Date: 1994
Size: 21.55" x 26.65" (70cm x 55cm)
Edition Size: 100

San Sebastian


Title: San Sebastian
Medium: Silkscreen Print
Date: 1998
Edition Size: 100


*This edition was created in Mexico City by hand-separation of colors and printing; created on guarro super alfa paper with 22 colors. This particular print comes directly from an assistant of Nahum Zenil who helped him print it in his studio.




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