From inside out

by Patricia Torres

May 2nd - May 31st


Join us this May for a solo exhibition at Bond Latin Gallery for contemporary artist Patricia Torres. Originally from Mexico City, Patricia Torres has lived and worked in San Francisco for many years. Her often figurative work explores gender norms and identity in modern society, this series titled: From Inside Out places a particular emphasis on the female body.

EXHIBITION DATES: May 2nd - May 31st, 2019

In my paintings, I explore the different representations of women in our society, the connection between gender-identity and the interior of the body as socially constructed. I purposefully use gendered magazine images of women that are portrayed and normalized them as sexual objects. Through my pictorial narratives, I intermingle different objects as well as political, social references to analyze and re-define the relationship between biological functions and gender-identity, where social and political power sits.

— Patricia Torres

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