About the Gallery

Paintings by Alejandro Santiago

Paintings by Alejandro Santiago

Owners of the Bond Latin Gallery, Robert Mc Donald and Vivien Bertozzi, met in 1984 while working together in a San Francisco art gallery. Several years later, they found themselves on their honeymoon in Oaxaca, Mexico. 

While in Oaxaca, the newly weds fell in love with the local art; they purchased pieces by local artists to bring back with them to the United States to enjoy in their home, and to feature in their new pop up gallery in Oakland, California. 

The couple quickly discovered that others appreciated the art as much as they did, so Robert and Vivien decided to specialize in Mexican art, and in 1988 opened the Bond Latin Gallery in San Francisco. 

Since the early days, the gallery has expanded to include art from a number of Latin American countries, from Diego Rivera to Fernando de Szyszlo.

Feel free to contact the gallery about any particular Latin artist you are looking to cosign, sell, or collect.