Fernando de Syzszlo's son straightens up rumors about his father's alleged suicide
courtesy of El Comercio

courtesy of El Comercio

Recently, Maribel De Paz of El Comercio sat down for an interview with Fernando de Szyszlo’s son, Vicente de Szyszlo. 

Upon being asked if his father’s death may have been a suicide, Vicente de Szyszlo declared that those rumors were false, for a number of reasons.

Vicente stated that his mother Blanca Varela and his father Fernando de Szyszlo “who loved the beauty of things [would] not offer their family such an unattractive spectacle… [dying by falling from the staircase]” (english translation). 

Vincente also stated that “Nobody commits suicide if he is asking for paintings in Germany” (english translation), because de Szyszlo had recently ordered a number of paintings from Germany that arrived at his home the day proceeding his mysterious death. 

At one point in the interview, Vicente de Szyszlo declared that his father "did not believe in life afterwards... for him everything ended in death" (english translation).

Maximilian Mc DonaldComment