Painting by Dr. Atl - Condition Report

We just received this beautiful painting by Mexican master Gerardo Murillo Cornado, also known as Dr. Atl.

Co-founder of the gallery, Robert Mc Donald was curious about the overall condition of the piece, as the edges were hidden beneath a mat, so he wanted to remove the painting from the frame to make sure the edges of the piece were ok.

landscape painting by Dr. Atl

After removing the the painting from the frame, he found the edges to be in fine condition - the only difference between the condition of the piece as of the time we received it to how the painting looked originally is some slight alterations caused by light - part of the painting had been darkened by the sun.

However, this damage is significantly less severe than most light damage because the paint has not been affected, the only part of the painting that has been affected by the sun is a place where Dr. Atl did not paint, he instead left the board that he painted on show through, and it is this part of the board that has been altered by the sun.

Overall it is a beautiful painting by the renowned Mexican artist, depicting a common scene from his most desired works - a landscape depicting the Valley of Mexico, featuring its many volcanoes.

The piece was painted with "Atl Color" - petroleum based pigments created by the artist himself, and truly are remarkably beautiful when seen up close in person.