Two Paintings by Rodolfo Morales

I recently came across these two wonderful oil paintings by Oaxacan artist Rodolfo Morales. For years they have been in a private collection in New York, but were originally acquired by Vorpal Gallery in San Francisco.

They are both works from the 1980's which, are quite rare. Most pieces by Morales from this period are now in private collections and not available for sale.

The first painting is titled:  The Smoker. It is unusual as it is an oil painting that was painted on an oval surface. It is quite surreal with wonderful rich texture, a very deep and mysterious portrait. The work is from 1982 and measures 32 x 24 inches (81cm x 61cm).

The other painting is without a title. It is larger than The Smoker and is very different; again with a wonderful surreal quality, but airy and light like the feeling a parachutist must experience.

The painting has the metaphysical quality of a great de Chirico painting, with many enigmatic doorways that excite the imagination. If you have ever been to Oaxaca City you will Immediately recognize the architecture and imagery.

Numerous dogs fill the foreground and in the distance a train moves through the landscape, both dogs and trains are iconic images in the works of Morales.